June 27, 2015

CVET Power Copr. has released the new name for the Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission (CVET).  The new and technically correct and descriptive name is now the '4-Quad Mirrored Energy Transfer' (4QMET) transmission.

January 28, 2014

CVET Power Corp. (CPC), is very pleased to announce that the company has engaged and is working with an industrially recognized simulation consulting group, active in the area of vehicle powertrains, to study and report on 4QMET operation in an automobile. 

April 15, 2014:

CVET Power Corp. had engaged an industrially recognized simulation consulting group to create a modeling and simulation framework for the study of the patented design of the continuously variable transmission known as the 4-Quad Mirrored Energy Transfer (4QMET) transmission.  The consulting group has issued a formal report on the 4QMET performance.

The results clearly show the applicability of the patented design as an automotive transmission system. The 4QMET provides continuously variable transmission ratios. Additionally, the new transmission is capable of seamlessly decoupling the engine from the drive, eliminating the need for additional drivetrain components such as a clutch or a torque converter.

Furthermore, the performance comparisons made between the baseline vehicle model equipped with an advanced automatic transmission and the vehicle model utilizing the 4QMET transmission, the 4QMET equiped vehicle showed significant fuel consumption reduction (data to be published at later date) under city driving conditions with frequent stops and starts using an EPA standard for city driving.


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